About Us
On 2011 KAWAY GROUP was founded by WU ZHAO and TULIO PALAU, both working for more than 10 years in one of the leading manufacturer of plastic cards.
Wu Zhao and Tulio created KAWAY as a SPIN-OFF company specialized in the sales of RFID Products.
The company rapidly got worldwide market recognition for its superior service, and on 2012 KAWAY achieve to serve in 15 countries worldwide.
By the huge demand of our partners for standard plastic cards, on 2013 KAWAY associate with one of the biggest manufactures of plastic cards in China, to supply the demand of standard and special shape printed cards.
Keeping our superior service KAWAY got worldwide recognition for the plastic printed cards with any kind of feature like: Mag Stripe, Signature Panel, Silk Screen, UV Spot, Hot Stamping, Holograms, Security Features, Transparent PVC and more.
After 2 years of manufacturing RFID Products and plastic cards, KAWAY achieve to serve more than 30 countries worldwide.
With the same demand that KAWAY had for plastic cards now KAWAY implements to their portfolio ID CARDS ACCESSORIES like: Lanyards, Badge Clips, Badge Holders, Badge Reels and more.
Thanks to the hard work of the marketing department KAWAY is happy to announce a new website that will be online from December 2015.
The Advantages Of Working With KAWAY :
  • Personal service
  • Fast delivery
  • 24 hours costumer service
  • Wide range of products
  • Low Cost Solution
We are able to monitor and control your orders, so we can guarantee a fast delivery with and efficient service.
Our RFID Products : RFID Cards, Key Fobs, Wristbands, Labels, Tags and more.
For information of the process before placing and order please click the link FAQ.
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